January 25th, 2012

ARBITRADE launches new practice of pharmaceutical law and continues to strengthen practice of intellectual property

ARBITRADE is proud to announce that Vladyslav Vitomskoy has joined the Сompany as a counsel to head the practice of intellectual property and pharmaceutical law.

Vladyslav has long-term experience in the sphere of intellectual property and pharmaceutical law with one of the leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical company.

Mr Vitomskoy obtained LLM in intellectual property law in KROK University of Economics and Law and graduated from Vernadskiy Tavricheskiy National University.

Mr Vitomskoy specializes in intellectual property law, contractual law related to the exercise and transfer of industrial property rights, pharmaceutical law, competition law as well as in settlement of domain disputes and other disputes arising out of use of objects of intellectual property.

ARBITRADE is pleased to offer legal services in the sphere of pharmaceutical law, in particular:

  • providing legal support to the pharmaceutical companies, advising in import and export of medicaments, consulting in the production of medicaments, holding of medicaments’ promotion and advertising companies;
  • exclusive services required for establishment of legality of introduction to the market of the new generic pharmaceutical products without infringement of valid property rights of the third persons, patent holders (determination of patent clearance of the new generics introduced to the market, analysis of possible risks and drafting of legal memoranda regarding possibility of introduction to the market of generics without infringement of the rights of the third persons;
  • services in protection of drugs from infringement of unfair competition;

In addition, ARBITRADE provides full spectrum of services related to the protection of intellectual property rights, including:

  • protection of intellectual property rights in the courts of all instances, including the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, arbitration courts;
  • protection of rights from unfair competition;
  • registration of rights for the trade marks, inventions, utility models, designs;
  • maintenance of registration and protection of copyrights;
  • protection of the rights for design in the Customs bodies (in particular registration of the objects of intellectual property in the State Customs Services of Ukraine purporting to termination of unauthorized import, export);
  • carrying out expertise of intellectual property objects;
  • efficient resolution of other issues arising out of protection of intellectual property objects.
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