March 6th, 2013

ARBITRADE took part in the translation of IBA guidelines into Ukrainian

The project for translation of the IBA Guidelines for Drafting International Arbitration Clauses was completed in February 2012. Three law firms were involved in the project: Baker & McKenzie, CMS Cameron McKenna and ARBITRADE Attorneys-at-Law. On the part of ARBITRADE the project was managed by the partner, head of international arbitration practice, Yuliya Chernykh.  On the part of CMS Cameron McKenna translation was made by co-ordinator of dispute resolution practice Sergiy Gryshko. On the part of Baker & McKenzie team that worked on the translation was comprised by partner, head of dispute resolution practice, Svetlana Romanova and lawyer of this practice Kseniya Pogruzhalskaya.

The Guidelines are the result of a project initiated by the IBA Arbitration Committee in order to assist parties and their counsel to achieve effective arbitration clauses which unambiguously embody the parties’ wishes. These IBA Guidelines are part of widely accepted standards in international arbitration.

The Guidelines reflect the Committee’s understanding of the best current international practices. Differing from other rules and guidelines the IBA Arbitration Clause Guidelines have been developed in order to assist not only arbitration specialists but, particularly, in-house counsel and business lawyers ordinarily involved in contract drafting but unfamiliar with the complexities of arbitration.

The translation weathered a rather prolonged review and has already been published on the IBA website. From now, the Ukrainian version of the IBA Arbitration Clause Guidelines can be downloaded here.

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