ARBITRADE’s large experience in dispute resolution arising out of international trade both via litigation and international commercial arbitration creates a fundamental base for its International Trade practice. Knowing where disputes usually arise in international trade assists us in advising clients on essential tools for their avoidance by better contract drafting. Our international trade practice has frequently been highly ranked by Ukrainian Handbook for Foreign Clients.

We regularly advise on international trade transactions and their structuring. A number of international trade issues are within the ambit of our knowledge and experience, including agency, distribution, franchising, trade remedies, customs and other import and export regulations, preferential trade agreements, trade-related dispute resolution, and other matters.

Being a GAFTA and FOSFA member and having retained a membership of GAFTA International Contract Policy Committee (ICPC) between 2011 and 2018, we are particularly well-equipped in advising on structuring and drafting of sale and purchase agreements for soft commodities incorporating GAFTA and FOSFA standard contract forms.


Ukrainian Law Firms:

“ARBITRADE, a domestic firm with vivid focus on arbitration and litigation, continued to develop its practice in the soft commodities trade. Given the significance of the agricultural clients in the firm’s clientele, it is enlisted for subsequent legal support.”