ARBITRADE has excelled in successful recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitral awards in Ukraine in various regions. Our knowledge of bilateral and multilateral treaties to which Ukraine is a party, the applicable legal provisions as well as court jurisprudence enable us to represent our Clients efficiently in each of our recognition and enforcement cases and to seek interim measures where appropriate.

The recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitral awards has been one of ARBITRADE’s areas of specialization from the inception of the firm. We follow the process of enforcement all the way through, from the submission of an application to the competent local court to the actual execution of the judgment or award by the State Execution Service.


Ukrainian Law Firms:

“ARBITRADE, the Ukrainian litigation-arbitration boutique, substantially increased its case portfolio and included a number of tax-related proceedings as well as an impressive number of cases for recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards and court decisions in the territory of Ukraine.”